School Policies

Healthy Classroom Celebrations

Birthday parties and holiday celebrations provide a great opportunity for schools to make healthful eating fun and exciting for students. Schools can promote a positive learning environment by shifting the celebration from the food to the child. Celebrations can include a variety of activities, games and crafts and foods the taste good and are nutritious. An overall strategy to consider would be to have fewer parties and celebrate birthdays on a monthly basis.

Healthy Food Ideas:

  • Low-fat or nonfat plain or flavored milk, 100% juice, water, flavored/sparkling water(without added sugars or sweeteners), sparkling punch

  • Fruit smoothies

  • Fresh fruit assortment, fruit and cheese kabobs, fruit salad

  • Vegetable trays with low fat dip, celery and carrots with peanut butter and raisins

  • Whole-grain crackers with cheese cubes, string cheese or hummus

  • Waffles or pancakes topped with fruit

  • Pretzels, popcorn, rice cakes, bread sticks, graham crackers and animal crackers

  • Angel food cake, plain or topped with fruit and low-fat whipped topping

  • Bagel slices with peanut butter or jam, fruit or grain muffin, whole wheat

  • English muffin, hot pretzels

  • Pizza with low-fat toppings, pizza dippers with marinara sauce

  • Ham, cheese or turkey sandwiches or wraps

  • Low-fat pudding, low-fat yogurt, yogurt topped with cereal, granola or crushed graham crackers

  • Quesadilla or bean burrito with salsa

  • Low-fat breakfast or granola bars

  • Low-fat tortilla chips with salsa or bean dip

  • Trail/cereal mix (whole grain, low-sugar cereals mixed with dried fruit or pretzels, etc.)

  • Nuts and seeds

There is nothing wrong with an occasional treat but unhealthy food and beverage choices have become the norm rather than the exception. Healthy foods chosen as part of the festivities can provide an opportunity to reinforce nutrition lessons.